Receiving events from POS devices

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Did you know that you can use AI-Dash PRO to receive events from POS devices?

Of course yes! AI-Dash PRO support a very simple text protocol to receive data from POS.

AI-Dash PRO provides a basic support to string-based POS protocols over TCP. Each message sent by the POS to AI-Dash PRO is expected to be composed of a single string delimited by customizable start and stop words.

For instance, if you have configured the following words:

  • Start Word: "BEGIN"
  • Stop Word: "END"

AI-Dash PRO will expect a POS string formatted as follows:

"BEGIN everthing you want to send to AI-Dash PRO costs 2.56€ END"

AI-Dash PRO will process only the message: "everthing you want to send to AI-Dash PRO costs 2.56€"

Pay attention, because AI-Dash PRO are interested only in the numbers that you write in the message, so from the whole message it will extract the number "2.56".

Well, this is the data we interested to get! AI-Dash PRO stores "2.56".

Protocol Limitations Currently, AI-Dash PRO has the following limitations:

  • No more than one number is stored: only the first number in the message is taken.
  • It is not possibile to send the timestamp inside the message: the arrival timestamp is used.

Configure a POS Receiver

From the left hand side menu in the Devices section you can find the page POS

POS Menu

Click on POS and, if its the first POS receiver that you should see an empty list. Of course, you can configure more than one POS receiver that are active on different ports and uses different start and stop strings.

Add POS Button

Click the button New POS Configuration. Then you will see the following page.


In this page you can configure the POS recever.

  • Name
  • Description
  • IP: Allowed POS device IP. If you left it will receive from all the IP addresses.
  • Port: Listening port of the receiver.
  • Sensors: Sensor that is related to the receiver to compute the Conversion Rate (See Conversion Rate Chart)
  • Start and Stop String
  • String encoding: type of encoding used for the message string. If you are not aware of this information, please left the default value (utf-8).

If everything goes well, you will be able to see the POS Recevier on the receiver list.


Click on the button Play to start the receiver, if it starts properly the button will change the image and become a Stop button. Trivially, you can stop the receiver, by clicking the Stop button.


Congratulation you are now a master of POS Recever!

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