Sending Alarms to Milestone XProtect

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Did you know that you can use AI-Dash PRO to communicate with third party server and devices?

Please, check if you have AI-Dash PRO 1.12 or higher! This feature is available on these versions only.

Do you know what are Alarms and Notifiers in AI-Dash PRO? If no, we suggest you to read the following tutorials:

If you have a Milestone XProtect (2016 or higher) Server you can use send it alarms using a specialized notifier, namely Milestone Notifier, implementing the XML protocol supported by Milestone XProtect.

Using such a notifier you can send any kind of alarms supported by AI-Dash PRO to Milestone XProtect:

  • Single event alarms (sterile zone, loitering, overcrowd and so on)
  • Counting threshold alarms: e.g. if you have configured a threshold alarm on an aggregated sensor.
  • Sequence based alarms: if you have configured a sequence of events to be verified before sent the alarm.

You can find Milestone in the left hand side menu under Notifiers in the Configuration section. If it is the first time you add a Milestone Notifier you will see an empty notifiers list.

Of course, if you have multiple servers you can configure different notifiers for each of them!

Notifier Menu

Click on New Milestone Notifier to create a new notifier.

New Notifier

You are required to give a name to the notifier (it will be shown inside the select menu when you need to use it) and the basic information to connect to Milestone:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Server IP Address
  • Server Port

If everything is ok, you will see the new notifier in the list.

New Notifier in List

Now you can use it!

For instance, if you need to notify an alarm to Milestone XProtect you will find your notifier in the notifier list allowed for the alarms, as shown below.


That's all! It very easy to do! And now, have fun with AI-Dash PRO and Milestone XProtect!

Alarms on Milestone

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