Managing Video Contents with Magicinfo

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Did you know that you can use AI-Dash PRO to communicate with third party server and devices?

Imagine you would like to customize the content shown over a display on the base of the gender and the age of the customer is watching it. This is possible by combining the video analytic plugin AI-Bio (able to recognize people gender and age in real time) with AI-Dash PRO and Samsung Magicinfo Server.

If you have installed AI-Bio on your camera or server, please check that you have enabled the Digital Signage events and configured the plugin to send events to AI-Dash PRO.

AI-Bio Configuration

If Digital Signage events are disabled, then active them and send the new configuration to the plugin. When the plugin is started again with the new configuration, watch the camera and let the plugin recognize your gender and age! Now AI-Dash PRO is knows that your camera is able to send Digital Signage events also.

Fine! Now it's time to configure AI-Dash PRO to control Samsung Magicinfo.

Magicinfo server

Wait, wait! Before starting the configuration of AI-Dash PRO check if you have properly configured the content on your Samsung Magicinfo Server and if you have the following information handy:

  • Magicinfo server IP address and port
  • Magicinfo server user credentials (Username and Password)
  • The display MAC address (Did you mind to check the display is connected to Samsung Magicinfo Server?)

Magicinfo device connected

Finally, you need to load a content for each of the following combination of gender and age:

  • Male Child
  • Male Young
  • Male Adult
  • Male Elder
  • Female Child
  • Female Young
  • Female Adult
  • Female Elder

The way AI-Dash PRO controls the content shown on your display is through the channels. So, you are required to link each of the previous combination with a channel on your display.

Magicinfo channels

On your Samsung Magicinfo Server load the contents you want to show and bind them to a channel, then on AI-Dash PRO select the channel to show for each gender-age combination and the game is over!

Of course, you can use the same content for different categories by simply using the same on Samsung Magicinfo Server.

Wait a little... be patient! Now you need to close the loop by configuring AI-Dash PRO. From the left hand side menu in the Configuration section you can find the page Magic Info.

Magicinfo configuration page link

Then add a new Samsung Magicinfo Server.

Magicinfo add server

Give a name to your notifier and select the device (e.g. the one you have configured previously to send digital signage events) you want to you to detect gender and age of your customers, for instance "Bio Deep".

Insert the information to connect to your Samsung Magicinfo Server.

Magicinfo select the device

Configure the channels.

Magicinfo server information

Wow! You finished the configuration! Congratulation!


Of course we expect you have the following questions:

  • What is the default channel? Suppose nobody is watching the display, which content would you like to show? Show a default channel! The default content is the one is shown when no customers are watching the display or, in details, when the plugin is not sending any digital signage events to AI-Dash PRO. The default channel is also used as Transition Channel, a content that is shown when the display is switching from a channel to another.
  • What do you mean for "duration" of a channel? Imagine a young woman is watching the display with a child on her side. The plugin will recognize the woman first and your display will start showing a video content to her, but suddenly a children is recognized by the plugin so your display stops the video for the woman and switch to a content for the child. To avoid the display to switch before the content has been completely shown to the target customer, you can configure AI-Dash PRO to ignore all the digital signage events arriving while the content is shown by configuring its duration.
  • Due to communication latencies in the communication among AI-Bio, AI-Dash PRO and Samsung Magicinfo we strongly suggest to do not set a duration less than 5 seconds for each channel.

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