Getting Started

First steps

Login and Get Your License!

Your server has been started? So, you are ready to play with your AIDashPro. Open your favorite browser (we suggest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and go to (the name depends on where you have installed your AIDashPro, pay attention!). If your installation has gone well you will se the Login Page.

Use the default administrator account, user admin and password admin, then log in.

Empty home page

The first time you log in the AI-DashPro you will see an empty home page. You need to get a valid license for your server.

Empty home page

Form System Settings click go on the License page. You will find the message No License Found. So click on Download Licence Request and save the file named Don't modify the content of file! Otherwise you will not be able to use the license file generated. This is not your license file, it contains a number identifying your server that will be used by our license manager to generate your own license.

Don't modify the content of file!

License Page

If you have bought a license, send the to to get the license file. Once you get the license.key file, select the file from your computer using the button Choose File so click Upload License.

Is the red banner disappeared? Fine! Your license is valid!

License Page

You will see, on the left of your page, the sidebar with all the features you are able to use! Note that the buttons you will see on the sidebar are related to the kind of license you have bought. See the Licensing Page to check which features are active with your license.

The panel License State show you an overview of your license: active verticals (Parking, Security, Advanced Heatmap), license expiration date and the table with all the type of events you can receive.

License Status

That's all! Your AIDashPro is ready to be configured!

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Connect your first device

Now your AIDashPro is ready to be configured to get your events! Your Device page is empty, so you need to attach your first device to AIDashPro and receive your events.

Empty Device Page

You can attach a device to AIDashPro in a very easy way. But, the following requirements must be verified:

  • The device is able to send events to your AIDashPro server. Check if your device is able to communicate via network with your server.
  • The device has a plugin installed and properly configured. In this tutorial we suppose you are working with a device running AI-Security Pro.
  • The plugin is configured to send events to your AIDashPro.

A device will be attached to AIDashPro after it sends at least one event.

The first basic step is to configure the plugin. Open the Configuration page and go to Event > Sending event to AI-Dash.

Fill the required fields: server name (or ip address), server port (the default port is 8080), AI-Dash Id. We are going to discuss the latter soon.

If you wish your plugin to send images to the AIDashPro, check the option Sends images and set the pre and post events time. In our example, the plugin will send 10 seconds of images before the event and 10 seconds of images after the event.

Plugin Dashboard Configuration

Save your configuration and wait for the first event. A device will be attached to AIDashPro after it sends at least one event.

Attached Device

Fine! Your first device is attach to AIDashPro. You can see the device IP, the device name, the kind of events the device are sending events to AIDashPro, the place your device belongs to and the time of the last event sent.

Even if the plugin is not generating events, there is an event called Still Alive Event that is periodically sent to AIDashPro.

Even if the plugin is not generating events, there is an event called Still Alive Event that is periodically sent to AIDashPro. This event is used to check if the device is still active. If AIDashPro is not receiving events from the device in the last 30 minutes, it will consider the device as disconnected.

Device Disconnected

If you are not aware about the state of your device, an additional check is possible. Open the Configuration page of your plugin and go to Configuration > Test. In this way you generate a Test Event that will be sent to AIDashPro.

Send Test Event

If your device is properly sending events to AIDashPro you will receive a Test Event. Go to the Device page and check the table Test Events.

AIDashPro Test Events Table

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Where is your device located? Adding your Company

The device attache before is unlocated, so it does not belong to a company and only the administrator is able to use it. Note that, being unlocated, the timezone of such a device is UTC.

Therefore, you need to configure your company on AIDashPro. Go to Administration > Companies and Locations.

Companies and Locations

Companies and Locations Add

Insert your company name and add the headquarter (you will be able to change it after), this will be your first site.

Companies and Locations Add AITech

If you have more sites that you would like to manage in AIDashPro, you can add more by clicking the plus button on the bottom of the locations list.

Companies and Locations Table

Each company location has a unique identifier called Dash ID, by default is composed using the location name and the company name divided by a "#". In the example, the Dash ID of your headquarter is Salerno#AITech.

Companies and Locations Table Edit

The Dash ID is the basic way AIDashPro locate a device.

The Dash ID is the basic way AIDashPro locate a device. Going back to the configuration of your plugin we have filled the field AI-Dash ID with the value Salerno#AITech. It says to AIDashPro that your device is located in Salerno and belongs to AITech.

Plugin Dashboard Configuration

To finalize the configuration of your device location, edit the device and select the location.

Device Edit Location

Once the device is locate in Salerno. The company managers of AITech and the site managers of AITech that are located in Salerno will be able to work with it.

Device Location

In the case the device sends an unknown Dash ID, or the Dash ID is different from the one identifying the location it has been associated on AIDashPro, all the events sent (different from Still Alive Events) are discarded.

Don't worry! you will get a warning massage from AIDashPro if the device is misconfigured.

Wrong Dash ID Message

Have you followed all the previous steps? Well, you are able to receive events from your device and properly locate it to your site in Salerno!

Device Table Final

Then, go back to your Home Page, you will see one device connected, a summary of all the events your have received from your device and, for each type of event received, a different tab. In our example, we have configured a sterile zone sensor on AI-Security Pro, so we have one sterile zone sensor.

License Status

Click on the Sterile Zone Tab and you will be able to see your first event!

License Status

License Status

Congratulations! You have completed the Getting Started tutorial.

Now you are able to:

  • Get and install the license.
  • Add and configure your first device.
  • Receive your first event.

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