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Let' see how we can configure an aggregate sensor. From the left hand side menu we can click on Configuration and then to the Aggregate Sensor Page.

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Once we know where to find them let's check into the specific:

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What's an Aggregate Sensor?

An aggregate sensors is a combination of two or more sensors from the same Sensor type; those sensors can be arithmetically aggregate in terms of sum, average, multiplication (and more) in order to better describe or better evaluate events.

For instance if we consider a very big area where we are measuring the occupancy level with 4 different sensors, will be interesting to know the sum of two of them to better understand the top side overall occupancy of this area, or maybe to sum all of them to know the full occupancy of the area.

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In the above picture are showed all the main components of the aggregate sensor page.

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How to Configure an Aggregate Sensor

It's very easy to configure an Aggregate Sensor, once on the page you just need to click on New Aggregate Sensor and this will open the following page:

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We will need to fill up the following fields.

  • Name the name that will uniquely identify the Aggregate Sensor
  • Sensor Type the type of the sensor you want to select, please remember this need to be the same for all the sensors you want to aggregate.

Equation: this field will simply show you the operation built between the sensor (this is not editable)

  • Operation the arithmetic operation you want to perform on the sensor.
  • Device the device you want to get the sensor from
  • Sensor the sensor configured on the selected Device

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Clicking on Add Device you can add a new device to the aggregation, selecting of course all the fields as the previous section.

You are also able to transform your sensor in a Counter by flagging counter and choose:

  • Time Zone: as a reference for the counter, the default choice is UTC
  • Auto Reset: this flag will allow you to auto-reset your counter
  • HH:MM: at what time you'd like the counter to be reset.

Once this is done, you just need to click on CREATE and your aggregate sensor will be added to the list

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Where to use an Aggregate Sensor?

You can use the aggregate sensor on every single Ai-Dash PRO Charts just by selecting Aggregate Sensor from the Sensor Type the list with all the configured Aggregate sensor will appear.

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For more information about Charts please visit the Chart Section

Congratulation you're now an Aggregator PRO!

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