Installing and updating AI-Dash PRO

How do I install AI-Dash PRO?

Getting Started

First steps with AI-DashPro. Get the license, configure a company and add your first device!

Customize your Home Page

A rapid journey over the Home Page. Devices, Events and Charts

Working with alarms and sequences

Is someone entering in your shop?

Working with notifiers

Watch this! Someone is coming here!

Using Weather Information

Learn how to generate a weather API key and include the weather information onto your charts!

Aggregated Sensor

Aggregate the best out of your sensors

Working with charts

Events! Events! Events! How to use the basic charts to get your events!


Do you like to get a daily report? Configuring a report with charts, images and tables.

Notes on Calendar

Have you got a date/period of interest and you want to know how to keep track of it? Come on in, I'll show you how

Managing Video Contents with Magicinfo

Customize the contents shown to your customers with Samsung Magicinfo

Sending Alarms to Milestone XProtect

Sequences, Counters and Simple Alarms notified to Milestone XProtect

Receiving events from POS devices

How much money have you earned today?