Where is my device?

Aren't you able to connect your device to AI-DashPro?

Before calling our technical support use the following check list:

Is your device connected?

Open your browser and go the plugin page. If you are able to open the plugin configuration page on your browser your device is connected to the network. Otherwise, check the followings:

  • Is your device on?
  • Is the network cable properly plugged in your device?
  • Is the network address of your device correct?

To have an answer to the previous questions we suggest to read the manual of your device manufacturer.

Is your AI-DashPro server on-line?

  • Open your browser and write the AI-DashPro server address in the address bar.

Have you properly configured your device?

  • Check if you have enabled your plugin to send event to AI-DashPro.
  • Check the AI-DashPro server address you have inserted in the plugin configuration page.
  • Check the port you have inserted. The default port is 8080, but your AI-DashPro server could have been started on different port.

Pluigin Page

Is your device able to communicate with AI-DashPro?