Basic Concepts

AI-DashPro is a web application, so you need a dedicated server machine to run the application and a web browser to work with it. The server machine must always be on to let the dashboard work properly and communicate with the other devices. Of course, you could install AI-DashPro on your desktop computer, but we does not suggest and support this mode.

WebApp Architecture

AI-DashPro aims to:

  • Offer a light, flexible, reliable and multi-tenant system;
  • Enable up-to-the-minute control of data flow;
  • Support archiving of data acquired, including images, for subsequent analysis and relocation;
  • Manipulate data in terms of aggregation;
  • Support widely-used notification systems, like pop-up or e-mail;
  • Provide an autonomous and user-friendly interface.

Plugin, sensors and events

A plugin is an analytics application installed on a camera, an applicance or a video analytic server (all of the are devices) that is able interact with AI-DashPro by sending events.

A device can run one or more plugins (usually servers run several plugins, while cameras are limited to one plugin at time).

An event is text-based message, that can carry one or more images, the dashboard is able to understand and process. All the analytic plugins developed by A.I. Tech are able to send events to AI-DashPro.

A plugin allows you to configure virtual sensors of different types (such as crossing line, sterile zone, counting, occupancy, and so on), each of them is able to produce events and send images to AI-DashPro. For instance, when the counting sensor detects a person passing under the camera it will send an event to AI-DashPro saying "a person is passed right now!"; AI-DashPro will store the event, so you will be able to work with it after.

Communication and Protocols (Tech Detail)

The plugins communicate with AI-DashPro through the web protocol HTTP 1.1 (RFC-2616), of course HTTPS is also supported. An event is represented as JSON text message. When an event is enreached with images the application uses a MULTIPART (RFC-7578) format through a chunked transfer encoding (RFC-2616).

AIDashPro Architecture

Company, site and devices

AI-DashPro is designed to manage multiple companies. Each company can have different branches (branches, locations and sites are equivalent) worldwide. Each branch can have its devices and users.

Multicompany Architecture