The application server of AI-Dash can be configured on three different files:

These files are located in the configuration folder /opt/dashpro/cnf, if you are working under GNU/Linux, or C:\ProgramFiles\AITech\AIDashPro\cnf, if you are working under Microsoft Windows.

Note that all these files are automatically generated during the installation of AI-DashPro.

Application Server Parameters

Here the list of parameters to configure the application server. Each parameter is not mandatory and has an internal default value. We strongly suggest to do not edit the default configuration if you are not expert or aware of what you are changing. For more details, please contact out technical support.

  • database: path of the database configuration file (default: cnf/db.cnf).
  • allow-images: if true allow the dashboard to save event images (default: True).
  • max-upload-size: max size allowed for uploaded file (e.g. camera images).
  • language: defaul dashboard language (default: it-it, alternative: en-en).
  • timezone: default dashboard timezone expressed in Daylight Saving Time (DST) (default: UTC).
  • event-media-root: path of the root folder where to store event images.
  • email-host: administrative email SMTP server host.
  • email-port: administrative email SMTP server port.
  • email-user: administrative email user.
  • email-password: administrative email password.
  • email-from: administrative email from address.


  • debug: if True start the server in debug mode (defaul: False)
  • web-driver-path: path of the web driver used by AI-DashPro to interact with Chrome to generate the periodic reports (by default is the AI-DashPro tools path).
  • chrome-binary-location: path of the Chrome instance used to generate the periodic reports (by default is the AI-DashPro tools path).
  • pdf-report-port: the current port of the HTTP Server, required by Chrome to generate the periodic reports (default: 8080).
  • service-threads: size of the thread pool used by AI-DashPro to execute side tasks (defaul: 10).
  • secret-key: salt used to generate XSS in forms and user token (randomly generated).

HTTP Server Parameters

Being based on Python, AI-DashPro uses an integrated web server based on CherryPy. Here some of the parameters:

  • server.socket_host: host on which the webserver is listening
  • server.socket_port: http server listening port (default: 8080)
  • server.thread_pool: number of thread used to handle HTTP Requests (defaul: 100)
  • server.socket_queue_size: size of the request queue used by the server (defaul: 50)
  • log.access_file: path of the server log file
  • log.error_file: path of the server error file
  • log.screen: if True print the server request log on the command line (default: False)

Database Parameters

The database configuratio file may differ for different Database Management Systems (DBMS). By default AI-DashPro uses MySQL Server.

  • database: database name
  • host: database hostname or IP address
  • port: database port
  • user: database username
  • password: database user password
  • default-character-set: database character set (default: utf-8)

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